Supplier Standards

Ensuring our suppliers act safely, sustainably and ethically

By requiring our vendors to comply with the Tronox Supplier Code of Conduct, we seek to hold our supply chain to the same high safety and ethical standards as we hold ourselves.

Tronox has created the Supplier Code of Conduct to ensure that our suppliers put into place safe working conditions and that our suppliers’ employees are themselves treated with respect. We also demonstrate to our suppliers the importance of processes that are sustainable and respect the environment. Our Supplier Code of Conduct includes the following key components:

Labor practice and standards setting forth safeguards against child labour, non-discrimination, health and safety, working conditions, working hours, compensation, right to association, freely chosen employment;

  • Environmental policies which address protection of the environment in line with our own high standards
  • Ethics to ensure that suppliers have anti-corruption measures in place and adhere to fair business practices
  • Tronox requires all new vendors to agree to comply with the Tronox Supplier Code of Conduct.

The Tronox Supplier Code of Conduct empowers us to require our suppliers to demonstrate material progress towards compliance and bring themselves into full compliance within a defined and reasonable time. If there are material and/or persistent non-compliance shortfalls, we have the right to terminate the business relationship, including contractual relationships.”

Conflict Mineral

One area of supply chain compliance that has received particular attention is conflict minerals:   Tronox  does not and will not get involved in the raw material sector connected to illegal or unlawful exploitation of commodities and resources that, directly or indirectly, finances or benefits armed groups in conflict areas.  Our policy on conflict minerals is available here:

25.02 Procurement and Governance Policy

25.03 Conflict Mineral Policy