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Training Materials

Employee training and education is one of the key ways Tronox reinforces the importance of its values, code of conduct, the importance of ethical behavior, compliance with law and other matters covered by our policies and procedures.

We believe that ethics and compliance training, in particular, is effective at encouraging appropriate behavior, setting expectations, and informing employees of laws or regulatory principles and how Tronox does business that may not always be common knowledge. 

By routinely conducting training and having training materials accessible to all employees, Tronox hopes to continue to flourish and grow as a respected member of the corporate community wherever it does business for years to come.

On this page, employees can find training materials covering a wide range of compliance and policy topics. The material may be downloaded for use at an employee's site or in their business unit. Of course, Tronox’s attorneys and trade specialists are always available to conduct training on any topic listed on the right.

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