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Welcome to the Tronox Ethics and Governance Portal

Tronox is a global company with mining and chemical operations on six continents. Our culture is deeply rooted in ethics and compliance. On this website, you’ll find comprehensive information about the policies, principles and procedures that embody our ethics and compliance-oriented corporate culture. We have made the information on this website available so that all of our employees, suppliers and other key stakeholders can better understand how we translate ethics and governance values into our day-to-day operations.




Tronox's co-CEOs

Our company has brought together remarkably talented and dedicated people in a business climate that fosters diversity and innovation.

However, all of our skills and determination would mean little without a workplace committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct.

On the Tronox Ethics and Governance Portal, we have made available a vast array of information and documents relevant to Tronox’s culture of compliance and ethical business conduct. We realize that even the best compliance-related policies, procedures and training materials are irrelevant without the commitment and dedication to the ethical conduct of an organization’s leadership. In order to be successful, all Tronox officers, directors and employees must embrace their individual responsibility to ensure that we live up to our reputation for high ethical and governance standards. Our commitment is to do what’s right, collaborate, be accountable and “speak up” if anyone sees misdeeds or if they are unsure about the way things are being done.

We hope the content provided here is useful, informative and, above all, demonstrates our commitment to doing business the right way. We look forward to fulfilling our long-term strategic goal of becoming the world’s leading, vertically integrated producer of titanium dioxide, and being able to consistently deliver safe, quality, low-cost and sustainable tons to our customers.

John Romano & Jean-François Turgeon


About Us: Our Values

We are a culturally driven, high-performance organization.

An outward mindset allows us to see beyond ourselves and be accountable for the whole. Our corporate values guide our business operations and reinforce our commitment to deliver safe, quality, low-cost, sustainable tons for our customers and exceptional
shareholder returns.

Our Values

  • We have an uncompromising focus on operating safe, reliable and responsible facilities.
  • We honor our responsibility to create value for stakeholders.
  • We treat others with respect and act with personal and organizational integrity.
  • We build our organization with talented people who make a positive difference and we invest in their success.
  • We are adaptable, decisive and effective.
  • We are trustworthy and reliable, and we build mutually rewarding relationships.
  • We share accountability and have high expectations for ourselves and one another.
  • We do the right work the right way in every aspect of our business.
  • We celebrate the joy of working together to accomplish great things.
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